5 Stylish Kitchen Seating Ideas

With dining rooms often reserved for special occasions, the kitchen-diner is a popular living configuration in homes of today.

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and therefore present different opportunities and challenges for seating, so we’ve written this guide to showcase our favourite kitchen seating solutions aside from the classic table and chairs.


Kitchen Island

An island is the ultimate kitchen aspiration, and it can also double as a casual dining space.

There’s an array of types of bar stools you can choose from that are both stylish and comfortable to sit in, whether your kitchen is a contemporary or rustic design.

X-back, Riviera and wicker designs work well in traditional style kitchens, and Industrial and metal stools will perfectly complement a modern kitchen.

To avoid the stools adding clutter around the island, you can indent your island underneath to create space for backless stools to tuck into.


Breakfast Bar

If your kitchen doesn’t have space for an island, a breakfast bar is an excellent, slimline alternative. You’ll need to give special consideration to the lighting above a breakfast bar due to it’s long narrow shape, but lighting that follows the same lines as the bar will give it an impressive finish.

Try hanging three individual pendant lights along the length of the breakfast bar, or use a long ceiling light with multiple bulbs already incorporated.


Banquette Seating

A banquette is a long seat that is built into the wall of a room. They work especially well in kitchens as they are much more comfortable than chairs, and can be custom made to fit into any space.

In terms of dimensions, you’ll need a minimum width of 27 inches of space per person, and a depth of at least 24 inches to allow room for an angled or upholstered back.


Window Seating

If your kitchen is on the top floor of a building with a sloping roof, then your space for a table is likely to be limited. Creating a window seat could be the perfect solution, as not only is it a clever use of space, but you’ll be sat in beautiful natural light with a great view.

Window seats look fabulous in traditional kitchens too, and you can style them up with seat and scatter cushions to create a modern or homely look as you please.


Low Cabinets

For anything that calls for a chair but not necessarily a table (such as coffee or an aperitif), you could add a row of reduced-height cabinets to the side of an island or bar, and decorate with cushions.

This also provides extra storage, solving another common kitchen problem!  

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