How to Furnish a Small Living Room

Small inside spaces often present design challenges, and in small living rooms it can be particularly difficult to strike a balance between adequate seating and a feeling of spaciousness.


This guide shows you how to furnish a small living room, as well as offering design tips for maximizing the space and making it appear larger than it is.


Furnishing in Proportion

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but choosing furniture that’s proportional to the size of your living room will help to make it feel more spacious.

A large sofa can eat up space quickly, so why not consider a ‘snuggler’ sofa, which can seat a parent and child or a couple.

Antique shops are also a fantastic place to find small scale furniture, because the average living room size was much smaller until the middle of the 20th century.

If you prefer modern furniture, opt for minimal, Scandi designs such as sofas with exposed legs.


Clever Furniture Choices

Aside from small furniture, you can choose certain styles of furniture that will work well in a small space.

Coffee or side tables made from clear materials such glass, Lucite or Acrylic take up no visual space, and an ottoman can also double as a coffee table.

Surprisingly, a sectional corner sofa can also look great in a small living room.

This is because all seating requirements are accommodated on one piece of furniture, and they can also break up long, thin spaces.


Smart Storage Solutions

You can save space in a small living room with clever storage solutions.

Built in storage is an excellent option, and well worth the investment.

It works well in period properties where storage can be built into awkwardly shaped spaces. Or why not try dedicating a whole wall to storage with a floor to ceiling, customized storage unit with shelves, cupboards and a media center.


You could also choose furniture with built in storage, such as ottomans and benches, and swap a console table for a slim sideboard.

Don’t forget to utilize wall space - you can hang storage baskets from a wall, as well as your TV.


Decorate to Elevate

The color scheme of a room along with what you place on the walls can have a big impact on how the size of the room is perceived.

Large mirrors are a great place to start, as reflecting light in a space makes it seem larger.

If you can position the mirror opposite a window, it will give the impression of an extra window too.

In general, using light colors on the walls will make a room feel bigger, but you can use a statement wall in a bold color to add depth.

If your living room has a high ceiling, you can decorate to draw the eye upwards by filling the full height of the wall with artwork, and hanging curtains above a tall window.

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