Amberly Laundry Box

Anderson Teak

$785.00 USD

The solid teak Amberly Laundry Box is the stylish hamper to keep dirty or wet clothes before they’re washed. Made of genuine teak wood sanded smooth, it’s the perfect material for the outdoor yard, deck, and pool area. Place your wet towels, swimsuits, or dirty laundry, this laundry box features ventilated sides to keep your belongings free of mold and mildew. Great for indoor use, the Amberly Laundry Box can be used to compliment any room in your home for a stylish teak indoor laundry box.
• Laundry / toy box

• Teak Wood

• Anderson Teak
• Can be used as a table as well

• Teak outdoor furniture with premium quality products.

• 30 H x 18 W x 22 L