Convertible Poker & Dining Table Balboa by Darafeev


$2,348.00 USD


The excellent Balboa by Darafeev is the perfect choice for those who are looking to find a simple, classy and elegant option for each and every game of poker imaginable. Big enough to host 4 players, this table works as a fine choice for making sure that games can stay a professional and personal affair without all the usual noise that can surround a quality game of poker.

This is made in the USA, too, offering a strong level of workmanship. With a Pacific Coast Maple wood used, this offers a durable and classy finish that offers a more rustic design style. It can be a fine choice for making sure that you and the team can sit around and sink a few beers while you all try and empty the other one out – all in good fun, of course!

One of the most impressive parts of the Balboa, though, is the awesome little drinks holders and game trays. Now you can never have to risk anyone spying the cards that you have or ruining the game by spilling your drink. If you see anyone not using their drinks holder, get them told!

Give yourself a fantastic quality of dining table that is going to ensure you have no problems whatsoever in being the games host. Not wanting to head into town and take on a casino night? Would you rather keep it more personal and in-house? Then this is just the way to make that possible.

This is a strong, sturdy and stylish design that is sure to give you all the help that you need to throw the most eloquent of games nights. For more help in ensuring that everyone can settle in and have some fun during a poker night, invest in the Balboa for something special!


  • Made form Pacific Coast Maple
  • 4 player positions
  • Game trays and drink holders
  • Chairs are not included
  • Reversible poker top flips over to turn your table into an elegant bar table in seconds
  • Made in USA
  • Some assembly required


  • 42"D X 40"H
  • Weighs 100 lbs
  • Style: Darafeev BAP242-40-PL
Weight and Dimensions
Overall 42"D X 40"H
Weight 100 lb.
Type Poker; Multi Game Table
Convertible Yes
Item Number: Darafeev BAP242-40-PL
Playing Surface Material Deep Red
Elbow Pat None
Finish/Color Pacific Coast Maple
Material Maple
Cup Holders Yes, 4
Seating Included No
Game trays and drink holders Yes
Convertible Dining Table Yes
Assembly required Yes