Convertible Poker & Dining Table Barcelona by Darafeev


$5,780.00 USD $5,880.00 USD


Large and deeply detailed, the Custom Barcelona Elite series by Darafeev offers a cool and comfortable hand-crafted table to play your poker on. Made in the US, this follows the finest and most important of features in terms of design, detail and craft to ensure it offers the best poker surface to play o.

Detailed and designed in a manner that gives it that proper casino feel, the Custom Barcelona Elite poker table makes a fine choice for a table that is durable, dynamic and engaging. It’s made to last a lifetime, too, ensuring that you are left with more than just a cool memento. For years to come, this will stay in the finest of condition, offering a quality poker table for you and your friends to play around and enjoy the beautiful game as its dynamic, engaging best.

Whether it’s getting that extra casino feel into the home, or you are looking for a poker table that is very easily swapped into a dining operation, this is the perfect place to start with. A totally custom piece of furniture, this might be the best choice for adding a more rustic and dynamic look to the way that your poker set-up is going to work.

Class is everything in a game like poker. With this table, then, you can make sure that the class shines through as you use a detailed and intricate playing surface. With all of the right solutions that you need, you can easily swap this around to be the dream dining table. Now, you can keep both the wife and the boys happy. You have a fantastic eating surface to say Grace at, and a wonderful poker table so that you and the team can all have poker nights that end when you decide!

Darafeev's Custom Barcelona Elite Series is handcrafted in the United States and made to last a lifetime of play. Add a Darafeev Barstool, game chair, and other furniture to make an entire matching game room. This custom furniture can be counted on to last over the years and generations.



  • 6 player positions
  • Made from Pacific Coast Maple
  • Dining table top included with order
  • Made in the USA
  • Measures 68"L X 40"W X 30"H
  • Style: Darafeev BRC
Weight and Dimensions
Overall 68"L X 40"W X 30"H
Weight 100 lb.
Type Poker; Multi Game Table
Convertible Yes
Item Number: Darafeev BRC
Playing Surface Material Light Green
Elbow Pat Yes
Finish/Color Pacific Coast Maple
Material Maple
Cup Holders Yes, 6
Seating Included No
Game trays and drink holders Yes
Convertible Dining Table Yes
Assembly required Yes