Poker Table in Red Cedar by Viking Log Furniture

Viking Log Furniture

$2,599.00 USD


Classy and cool beyond all typical expectation and belief, the Viking Log Furniture Poker Table is just what you need. Designed with a real class to it and an easy to work with design, this can easily be assembled and put together in a few moments. It’s quick and fast assembly combined with the gluttony of extras makes this the perfect choice to go for.

As the ideal place to catch up and play some Texas Hold ‘em, or whatever rules you prefer, this makes it easier than ever to start enjoying professional poker nights from the comfort of your own home. Forget having to spend all that money in the casino – you and the team can come round to yours, sink a few cold ones, have some laughs, and hopefully make some money!

It’s the perfect choice for those who are looking for an elegant and engaging poker table. Made with a unique Red Cedar that has its own unique collection of coloring, grains and knots, this gives you all the help that you need in making a large-scale poker environment available for all. It even has ten cup holders, ensuring that you can all enjoy your drinks without having to get up from the table or, worse yet, risk spilling.

It’s got that really classy look to it, working as the perfect finishing touch to any proper games room. It can also be swapped around within a few moments. Want to have a bite to eat together before the fun starts that night? Then this just means you have to flip the table around and get started. In terms of making sure that you can all enjoy an engaging and fun poker night, this is about as easy an operation for a large-scale poker event as is possible!

This is the ultimate Texas hold'em table made of red cedar. It would be a great addition to any game room with a rustic, lodge or western decor.

This red cedar Texas hold'em table is unique as it is reversible with the poker table on one side and the other side is smooth so it can be used for dining,  playing cards, doing crafts or just about anything else.

The poker table side has 10 cup holders and chip trays to accommodate any player. This table is unique in it’s own way, with the distinctive color, grains, and knots that come with red cedar. There are over twenty different fabrics to choose from to match your rustic decor.

  • Multi-purpose Table for dining and playing, as the table has a reversible table top
  • Oval shape with 10 cup holders
  • Material: Red Cedar, which comes with its unique color, grains and knots
  • Table dimensions: height 30 in x width 40 in x length 92 in
  • Available in clear finishing
  • Viking Log Furniture Texas Hold'em Log Table


NOTE: Many different felt colors are available for you to chose from fro this table. Please submit your choice to us via the cart page's Note to AMERICANA POKER TABLES.

We are looking forward to receiving your order together with your choice of felt color.


Viking Log Furniture is sure to fit your rustic setting with a cabin in the woods, a mountain retreat, or western decor in your home. They construct everything right there in Central Minnesota. Viking Log Furniture's craftsman take pride to make sure we create the right look for you.

In 1979 Viking Log Furniture started to manufacture bedroom furniture and waterbeds. Starting in about 1990 they began manufacturing pine and hardwood futons, and solid oak bedroom furniture. 

Viking Log Furniture manufactures wood products of a very high quality. They maintain the highest possible quality control standards and use only the highest grades of raw materials. This ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality possible. This allows Viking Log Furniture to offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products.


Weight and Dimensions
Overall height 30 in x width 40 in x length 92 in
Weight 225 lb.
Type Poker; Multi Game Table
Convertible Yes
Playing Surface Color Olive (many felt color choices are available)
Material Red Cedar
Cup Holders Yes, 10
Seating Included No
Game trays and drink holders Yes
Convertible Dining Table Yes
Assembly required Yes